Stoics and Socket Wrenches

No, You Episode 4: Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But It Can Buy Quidditch

On this episode we give an update on what we’ve been doing adventure-wise and summer plans. After that we get into how money plays a role in relationships and our general thoughts on money in our own relationship!


Podcast Status

Hey everyone, Long time no post. I just wanted to share that I have started a podcasting journey with my girlfriend, Erin. We've recorded three episodes of No, You so far, and it seems like a fantastic way for us... Continue Reading →

The Wheel of Time: The Eye of The World (Book 1)

So in a previous post I mentioned that I was reading Ocean of Storms, but, as usual, I got sidetracked. For Christmas, I received Robert Jordan's first entry in his Wheel of Time series: The Eye of The World (EoTW).... Continue Reading →

Getting Up Earlier (Weekdays)

2016 was a whirlwind of events and emotions that, most of the time, caused me to want to stay in bed or sleep in until the evening. I felt annoyed and anxious every time this would happen; waking up after... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Post

Hello potential reader, I hope you've had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying some much needed time off in whatever it is that you do. I was fortunate enough to have a splendid day today, receiving several things I'd like... Continue Reading →

Currently Reading: Ocean of Storms by Christopher Mari and Jeremy K. Brown

Everything is just fine until an EMP disrupts the whole world's way of life. Planes falling out of the sky, laptops not connecting to wifi (or turning on for that matter), and global blackouts occur almost instantaneously. One crack in... Continue Reading →

ReCore: Current Project

Since I enjoy playing video games, and since I have amassed a backlog of probably close to 100 games (in my defense, most were given to me for free), I've decided that I'm going to dust them off and record... Continue Reading →

Possible Events For This Week

Listed below are a few events that I'd like to go to this week: Lights on 34th Street I've never been to this, but rumor has it that Hampden's 34th street gets decked out with elaborate lighting patterns and designs.... Continue Reading →

My Go-To Coffee Concoction

Hello all, As I sat here drinking my coffee, I thought I'd share with you how I turn into something a bit more...enjoyable. Here's what I use: Keurig Reusable K-cup Cheap, store-brand coffee (usually a flavored one like Chocolate Cappucino... Continue Reading →

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