“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”

– Danny Kaye

Well, here I am. Blog number I-cannot-remember-how-many. Why am I here again? My best answer for that is that I want, possibly need, an outlet to place my thoughts, discoveries, meanderings, mistakes, epiphanies, and everything else I might find. Here’s what I want to do:

  • Log thoughts and feelings
  • Review video games and books
  • Lootcrate unboxings (I recently subscribed)
  • Random and miscellaneous posts, whatever those might be


Like I said, I just want to release my thoughts into some outlet. They may not be the best thoughts, they may not be the most engaging thoughts, but they are my thoughts.

My other blogs have disappeared or fizzled out, rather, I stopped updating them because reasons, so we’ll see how long this one lasts. Longer, hopefully.

-E.B. Alexander