Stoics and Socket Wrenches


December 2016

The Christmas Post

Hello potential reader, I hope you've had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying some much needed time off in whatever it is that you do. I was fortunate enough to have a splendid day today, receiving several things I'd like... Continue Reading →


Currently Reading: Ocean of Storms by Christopher Mari and Jeremy K. Brown

Everything is just fine until an EMP disrupts the whole world's way of life. Planes falling out of the sky, laptops not connecting to wifi (or turning on for that matter), and global blackouts occur almost instantaneously. One crack in... Continue Reading →

ReCore: Current Project

Since I enjoy playing video games, and since I have amassed a backlog of probably close to 100 games (in my defense, most were given to me for free), I've decided that I'm going to dust them off and record... Continue Reading →

Possible Events For This Week

Listed below are a few events that I'd like to go to this week: Lights on 34th Street I've never been to this, but rumor has it that Hampden's 34th street gets decked out with elaborate lighting patterns and designs.... Continue Reading →

My Go-To Coffee Concoction

Hello all, As I sat here drinking my coffee, I thought I'd share with you how I turn into something a bit more...enjoyable. Here's what I use: Keurig Reusable K-cup Cheap, store-brand coffee (usually a flavored one like Chocolate Cappucino... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: Dark Empire II Thoughts

Writer: Tom Veitch Illustrator: Cam Kennedy Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Release Date: 1994                     I hope you've figured out by now that this series is the sequel to the Dark Empire... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

After much anticipation and waiting, we finally did it. We played the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle co-op board game. We casted spells, fought villains, and won over Diagon Alley, but I'll be honest, it felt a little underwhelming. I hope... Continue Reading →

Splurging On Thinkgeek

Around this time, I usually try to take advantage of some of the holiday deals going around. One of those deals included the sale over at (no I'm not sponsored by them or is this an ad for them).... Continue Reading →

Where No One Has Gone Before

Star Trek The Next Generation Episode #5 Original Air Date: October 26, 1987                                     Imagine that you're in your ship, cruising through space,... Continue Reading →

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