In a previous post, I mentioned that I had been reading the novelization of Star Wars The Force Awakens. Well, today I finished the 259 page adventure! It paralleled the movie almost perfectly, but there were a few moments/scenes that were added, such as (mild spoilies?):

  • Poe’s interaction on Jakku, after he ejected from the stolen TIE fighter.
  • Unkar Plutt meeting Rey at the Resistance Base aka Maz’s Castle.
  • We briefly met Leia’s aide who was sent to the Hosnian System, ultimately destroyed by the First Order.

Again, I am glad that I had seen the movie beforehand. Doing so helps me visualize certain characters, how they sound and act, and how various scenes play out. Overall, I enjoyed the novel – its action, newfound characters relationships, and the bringing in of old characters – but there is one thing that bugs me to almost no end. Starkiller Base.

I didn’t want another Death Star. Starkiller Base is Death Star 3.0. Three point freaking zero. Granted, it is bigger, operates differently, and is more destructive, but a spherical laser cannon is still a spherical laser cannon. I recognize that the Resistance needed to have some kind of threat to face, but why is the go-to constantly a star/planet that can destroy other stars/planets not just in their entirety, but in a matter of seconds? Now that it has been (SPOILIES) destroyed, I am hoping that Starkiller Base was the final hint to any enemy wanting to create a giant galactic death orb. Please, I do not want Death Star 4.0.

-E.B. Alexander