A while ago, I started my journey into Star Trek The Next Generation, and by a while ago I mean that I watched Encounter at Farpoint Parts I and II maybe a month ago. What I want to do here is give some thoughts on each episode that I watch, not really a thorough review, but just some words to the page. Currently, I am on Episode 6: Lonely Among Us, so, seeing as I haven’t written about any Star Trek episodes yet, this post will group episodes 2 – 4. Why start at 2? Wonderful question! I am starting at episode 2 because it has been a decent amount of time since I watched Encounter at Farpoint. I never went back to watch it, I just kept going with the second episode.

Episode 2: The Naked Now

Everyone is freakin drunk!

Actually, this may be one of, if not the, most hated episodes of Star Trek. Coming off of Farpoint, Enterprise encounters a mysteriously deceased Star Fleet crew. After some evaluations of the ship, the Enterprise crew returned to their vessel, unknowingly carrying a disease that makes them…not themselves.

My main problem with this episode is that the threat is a disease. There was no adventure, no new cultures to be found, no action, just a microscopic intoxicator. Now, I’m not saying that every episode has to be that way, but for a second episode, I was expecting creatures, cultures, fighting, something other than drunken characters.

Episode 3: Code of Honor

What a twist this one had.

The Enterprise meets the Ligonians in hopes to acquire a vaccine for a rampant disease killing scores of people, but the Ligonian leader, Lutan, is not what he seems. There’s trickery afoot! After touring the Enterprise, Lutan takes a liking to security officer Yar and eventually kidnaps her via transporter. There is then some jealousy and competition for Lutan’s affection between his first “one,” or wife and Yar.

One of the main ideas in this episode is the role that women play. To the Ligonians, they are wives first and foremost and should not be involved with matters of physicality, such as Yar’s security position. The twist I mentioned, however, is that the women of Ligonia, at least, the “first wives,” are the ones who give the men power by allowing them access to all of their possessions.

Episode 4: The Last Outpost

Oh this was a good one.

Star Fleet finally meets the Ferengi! The Ferengi apparently stole and energy converter from the Federation and Enterprise was attempting to get it back when, wait for it, both ships are drained of power! The funny thing is that each ship thinks the other is responsible. They do manage to figure out the problem by investigating the nearby planet, Delphi Ardu IV, and having some confrontations on its surface. Ryker is put through a mental trial by a humanoid going by Portal 63. He is said to be of the Tkon Empire, which has not existed for some time. Ryker ultimately succeeds in the challenge and the Ferengi reveal just how foolish they can be.

This is the kind of episode that I would expect to follow the pilot, “Encounter at Farpoint.” We have newly established contact with the Ferengi and a strange being on a seemingly unsuspecting planet that almost drains the power out of both ships. We have trials and challenges, as well as, betrayal and mystery.

-E.B. Alexander