Issue #2

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Tyler Crook
Publisher: Darkhorse Comics
Publishing Date: June 10, 2015

After encountering her new friend, a sentient boy’s skin, Emmy rushes out of the woods and back to her Pa’s farmhouse. Pa notices Emmy’s numerous cuts and scrapes as she runs into the house and up into her room, shoving the boy’s skin in a drawer. When Pa comes up to investigate, Emmy’s wounds have healed to her own astonishment.

Later that night, Emmy twists and turns in her sleep, having a nightmare about the County’s citizens surrounding the old Oak tree, shovels and torches in hand. They begin stabbing at the tree, creating deep gashes, but are surprised to see something within its depths. It’s not just something, either, it’s somethings. Two humanoid figures can be seen within the trunk, one essentially normal looking, the other, more devilish and nightmarish.

Emmy wakes up in a sweat and is pointed toward the old Oak tree by the boy’s skin. She sees the same group of citizen’s near the Oak, debating and conversing. They’re speaking of a pact they made 18 years prior, and that Emmy is starting to show signs that was born out of the witch’s doing. They plan to harm Emmy, due to the established pact and for fear of a returning witch.

Emmy grabs the boy’s skin, leaves the house, and runs into the woods, away from the citizens meaning to do her harm, including her Pa. Not sure where to go or what to do, she eventually runs into Bernice, Emmy’s friend from Issue #1. Bernice swears that she’s there to help and tells Emmy about her overhearing details about the pact. After some walking, the pair stumbles upon an old graveyard as the boy’s skin begins grumbling, “Not alone…” Puzzled, Emmy and Bernice discover that they truly are not alone as they find themselves surrounded by flaming skeletons.

What I Like

  • We learn more about the pact from Issue #1
  • Emmy’s backstory includes being born as Treebeard’s child
  • We discover a little bit more about the boy’s skin and his muscular, skinless counterpart sneaking around
  • Emmy lives near a flaming skeleton spawning graveyard!
  • Emmy has a sibling!


-E.B. Alexander