Star Trek The Next Generation
Episode #5
Original Air Date: October 26, 1987


Imagine that you’re in your ship, cruising through space, and exploring the vast reaches of space when you suddenly think, “hey, I think my ship could be a bit more efficient.” So you meet up with another ship, take on a propulsion expert and his companion, and run some tests to see what you can do. If you expect this to go totally fine and completely normal, you’re wrong. When the tests are initiated, you are flung into the farthest reaches of space, millions of light years away from home. Of course, things start going wonky and thoughts might just become reality. Welcome to “Where No One Has Gone Before.”

There are two things that I really enjoy about this episode: 1) The crew is propelled more than a billion light years across the universe, aka, unexplored, uncharted space, and 2) Wesley Crusher is promoted to Ensign.

1) I get that being shot that far into space puts the crew in a bad situation. By warping over a billion light years across space, it would then take them their lives plus more to return to the Milky Way galaxy, however, something about being in unexplored space absolutely fascinates me. They were literally in a place where no one had been before. Countless career explorers and YouTube commenters spend most of their days trying to be first. Now, imagine being in an unexplored area of space, where it’s likely that no one will ever return.

2) Picard has been kind of a jerk to Wes Crusher in the previous episodes. I get it, Federation regulations and strictness, but damn, he’s shown that he grasps complex ideas and processes regarding Star Fleet technology. He was able to, last episode, at least stay on the Bridge with supervision, but here he has been promoted to full Ensign! Go Wesley Crusher! I hope he continues to grow and finds ways to contribute to the Enterprise crew.

-E.B. Alexander