After much anticipation and waiting, we finally did it. We played the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle co-op board game. We casted spells, fought villains, and won over Diagon Alley, but I’ll be honest, it felt a little underwhelming. I hope this is due only to the fact that we played Game 1, which I assume to be some sort of hand-holding intro for those who haven’t spun the spokes of deck building games before.

There are a total of seven (7) games, possibly corresponding to the years of the books. The premise of the game is to defeat all the villains before they take over the locations. In our game we had three villains, Crabbe & Goyle (still inseparable), Draco, and Professor Quirrel, and two locations, Diagon Alley and another of which I forget because we beat the goobers before they could take the first location.

You choose a character and you can buy items or spells that help you either defeat the villains or give life back to yourself. Sometimes it’s both. But, like I mentioned, Game 1 was incredibly easy. I’ve read some other forum posts saying that some people were having trouble with it…makes me feel like we read something the wrong way. The first two villains went out like hot cakes, leaving Professor Quirrel as our last adversary. I had Harry and the misses had Hermione, but Quirrel’s ability drained us of life every single turn. We were able to build decks that gave us plenty of potential for attacking (maybe that’s what got people?), so the Professor was gone within a few turns. Phew. Game 1 a success.

I looked ahead to future games and it seems like new mechanics will be added in, such as the use of dice or other spells/player cards. I’m hoping that they amp up the difficulty as well.

All in all, it was an enjoyable experience, especially being a Harry Potter fan. If you’re a fan of the magical series, or you enjoy cooperative board games then I’d definitely give this a try since there are multiple games (1-7) to it.

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-E.B. Alexander