Writer: Tom Veitch
Illustrator: Cam Kennedy
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: 1994


I hope you’ve figured out by now that this series is the sequel to the Dark Empire comics of the early 1990s where Luke brought himself close to the Dark Side to learn its ways and see if he could conquer it. I actually hadn’t heard of that series until I saw a YouTube video about Star Wars theories. Funny how it works out like that. When I first learned of Dark Empire, I quickly hopped on Marvel Unlimited and, by the grace of the gods, the series was there. For those who don’t know about Marvel Unlimited, I’ll talk about it somewhere down there.

Like I said, Dark Empire II is a continuation of Dark Empire. Palapatine and his clones have been dealt with, but there are still some Dark Jedi running around trying to seal the deal for the Empire. In Dark Empire II #1, we learn that after Luke returned to the Light Side, he sought a fallen jedi by the name of Kam Solusar and ultimately brings him back to the good side. Together they plan to restore the Jedi Order on individual at a time. We also learn that Leia has already had two children, with one on the way, six months in, to be exact (I think). This child could prove a useful asset for the newly formed Jedi Order.

Lastly, the main antagonist here is a Dark Jedi named Executor Sedriss. In this issue he’s trying to conquer a certain planet and acquire it’s droid manufacturing guru. After coming to some terms with the planet, he eventually ends up where the former Emperor Palpatine kept his personal clones. Walking in, Sedriss notices that some Dark Side adepts are trying to kill of the rest of the unactivated clones. He executes them, as one with his title does, and discovers another individual walking in the room. What the duck? It’s Palpatine? This guy just will not go away, will he? Apparently, one of his clones had already been activated prior to the recent clone purge. That’s my speculation anyway.

Honestly, I’m kind of tired of Palpatine and clones. There was a clone army during the Clone Wars: fine. Palpatine cloned himself in Dark Empire to resurrect himself if chance permitted: okay, fine. Palpatine has yet again resurrected himself via clone when Luke should have dealt with all of them to begin with: flabbergasted. I would rather have a new villain by now. These Dark Jedi are here. Can’t they do the work without Palpatine? This kind of reminds about how I’ve seen one too many Death Stars. Stop building Death Stars, they never work! Some people never learn.

-E.B. Alexander

P.S. Marvel Unlimited is a great service brought to you by, you guessed it, Marvel Comics. For about $10 a month, you can get access to their huge backlog of comics that they have conveniently digitized. It’s pretty great! Lucky for me, they have all the Star Wars comics on there, but if you’re looking to get into some origin stories of some Marvel characters, Unlimited is the way to go.