Since I enjoy playing video games, and since I have amassed a backlog of probably close to 100 games (in my defense, most were given to me for free), I’ve decided that I’m going to dust them off and record myself playing them. I will then take the recordings, edit them, and produce some king of review video along the lines of what X-Play (discontinued video game show) used to do.

The first game I’m recording is, you guessed it, Microsoft Studio’s ReCore. I’m maybe about an hour in, but the game seems to be set in the future on a distant planet named Far Eden (long from Paradise). Joule, the girl is running around with her rifle and core pup, Mack, and fighting core bots that are spread out across the land. I’m beginning to discover that Joule originally traveled to Far Eden on some kind of mission, but something went wrong. Now we’re going to find out exactly what went wrong!

So yeah, I have no idea how long it will take me to finish this, as I have to beat the game and then edit it into something hopefully enjoyable. Hopefully. Also, I’m going to be live streaming the gaming sessions every time I play it. You can find that twitch stream and other videos here.

For more information on ReCore, you can visit the official webpage.

-E.B. Alexander