Everything is just fine until an EMP disrupts the whole world’s way of life. Planes falling out of the sky, laptops not connecting to wifi (or turning on for that matter), and global blackouts occur almost instantaneously. One crack in the moon later tells us something. Hear that? I think it is the sound of “we’re not alone in the universe!” To figure out the mystery, Earth sends a group of astronauts and archaeologists ( right up my alley).

I’m only maybe 50 pages in, but so far I’m really enjoying it. The story is written from the perspective of multiple people (think Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code), which is by far my most favorite way of telling a story. Add to that it’s setting in the near future and having a female president (wahoo!), and this is making out to be a good ride. Reading Amazon’s synopsis also tells me that there are some ancient mysteries and missions that Earth needs to solve, or we might plummet into darkness or something.

-E.B. Alexander