Hello potential reader, I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying some much needed time off in whatever it is that you do. I was fortunate enough to have a splendid day today, receiving several things I’d like to share:

  • Star Wars The Force Awakens Steelbook collectable Blu-Ray
  • Star Wars Bloodlines (Legacy novel)
  • Star Wars galactic flavored jelly beans
  • Star Wars (seeing a pattern here?) Character Encyclopedia
  • Robert Jordan’s The Eye of The World (first in the Wheel of Time series)
  • Two Dark History books, one on the Catholic Church, the other on U.S. Presidents
  • Elder Sign (board game)
  • Amazon’s Echo Dot

I’m extremely grateful for receiving these gifts, and definitely looking forward to unleashing my inner nerd in the upcoming year.

Again, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and feel free to comment with your favorite gift or your preferred hot dog condiment!

-E.B. Alexander