So in a previous post I mentioned that I was reading Ocean of Storms, but, as usual, I got sidetracked. For Christmas, I received Robert Jordan’s first entry in his Wheel of Time series: The Eye of The World (EoTW). Since I didn’t have Ocean of Storms with me at the time, I took a peak at the EoTW and haven’t put it down since (okay, I’ve put it down a few times).

I am almost halfway through it and I’m definitely hooked on Jordan’s crafted world. There’s something about how he describes the characters’ lives and the way they interact with the world that keeps me coming back multiple times a day. I haven’t been this dedicated to a book since Harry Potter. Jordan is an expert at filling the page, not with meaningless words, but with minute details that allow the reader to envision the lives of each character. Every detail adds to the characters’ experiences, personalities, and ambitions.

I was worried at first, not only because it’s a rather long book (~ 800 pages), but I thought I previously read that seemingly unimportant details have a way of resurfacing in ways that can be a little difficult to catch. So far, I haven’t had a problem with it, but who’s to say that tiny details won’t pop up in other books (I guess people who have finished the series could tell me).

-E.B. Alexander