Stoics and Socket Wrenches

Star Wars: Dark Empire II Thoughts

Writer: Tom Veitch Illustrator: Cam Kennedy Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Release Date: 1994                     I hope you've figured out by now that this series is the sequel to the Dark Empire... Continue Reading →


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

After much anticipation and waiting, we finally did it. We played the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle co-op board game. We casted spells, fought villains, and won over Diagon Alley, but I'll be honest, it felt a little underwhelming. I hope... Continue Reading →

Splurging On Thinkgeek

Around this time, I usually try to take advantage of some of the holiday deals going around. One of those deals included the sale over at (no I'm not sponsored by them or is this an ad for them).... Continue Reading →

Where No One Has Gone Before

Star Trek The Next Generation Episode #5 Original Air Date: October 26, 1987                                     Imagine that you're in your ship, cruising through space,... Continue Reading →

Harrow County Issue #2 (Spoilies)

Issue #2 Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Tyler Crook Publisher: Darkhorse Comics Publishing Date: June 10, 2015 After encountering her new friend, a sentient boy's skin, Emmy rushes out of the woods and back to her Pa's farmhouse. Pa notices Emmy's... Continue Reading →

Star Trek The Next Generation: Some Thoughts

A while ago, I started my journey into Star Trek The Next Generation, and by a while ago I mean that I watched Encounter at Farpoint Parts I and II maybe a month ago. What I want to do here... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Star Wars The Force Awakens Novel

In a previous post, I mentioned that I had been reading the novelization of Star Wars The Force Awakens. Well, today I finished the 259 page adventure! It paralleled the movie almost perfectly, but there were a few moments/scenes that... Continue Reading →

Monument Holiday Lighting

Yesterday, I spent part of the evening at Baltimore's annual Washington Monument Holiday Lighting. I had never been, so I was amazed at how much they could squeeze into such a small space. For those who haven't been to the... Continue Reading →

Before Bed Post

As the title states, I'm a bit tired so I will most likely keep this short. I ordered the board game Legends of Andor off Amazon, and I expect it to arrive on Thursday (thanks Amazon Prime, which I didn't mean to... Continue Reading →

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